Tile Stores Burnaby

Tile Stores Burnaby

If you’re considering tile flooring and are beginning to look around at tile stores in the Burnaby area, be choosey when it comes to who you deal with. You’ll want to work with a company that supplies high quality tiles from the top brands out there, with a great warranty and a professional installation.


Metrotown Floors & Interiors carries a wide variety of floor, wall and decorative tiles for the look homeowners love in any project. Their tile selection consists of natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, all with varying price points to meet a range of budgets. 


Stop by the Metrotown Floors showroom in Burnaby and have a look at their incredible selection. Their trained sales associates will gladly help you find the best product for your needs. Metrotown makes it easy to decide what will look great in your home. Sign out any of the tile samples that you want to look at in your home to choose the right look for your existing decor.


Not all tile stores in the Burnaby area offer the same great quality and professional installation that Metrotown Floors & Interiors does. They work with the following tile suppliers to better meet the needs of their customers: Julian Tile, Ames Tile, Olympia Tile, Dal Tile, Casa Roma Tile, Dalla Terra Tile, and Schluter Systems.


Looking for a few reasons to choose tile flooring for your home? It’s not hard to find a quick handful of reasons you’ll love tile:


- Tile purchased and professional installed from a quality tile store in Burnaby will last a long time. Most homeowners looking at tile want a durable, hard surface that’s going to stand the test of time and the heavy wear. Ceramic and porcelain are known for their durability and will last for many years if cared for. Professional installation, sealing and careful cleaning will product these results.


- One of the biggest selling points of tile is that a homeowner can get just about any look they want in their home with the durability of tile. For heavy moisture areas like bathrooms, wood tile can provide you with the look of wood and the waterproofing you want. Customers love the versatility that comes with a tile flooring installation.


- Unlike carpeting, tile flooring, by nature of its materials, works to preserve the indoor air quality of any home. Tile carries little or no VOCs (check with the manufacturer to determine which), and is so easily cleaned and cared for that it will not contribute in any way to a lesser quality of air.


- Low maintenance, the feature every homeowner wants to hear, is true of tile flooring. Soap and water will manage just about any spill on a tile surface, just be certain to have the grout professionally sealed immediately after installation.


There are a lot of tile stores in the Burnaby area. Be sure you choose the one with the highest quality of products and the best prices around. Come in to Metrotown Floors & Interiors to see their fabulous selection of tile or call one of their tile specialists at 604-434-4463 for more information.


Tile Stores Burnaby
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